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The Aftermath – Button Goes 3-13 at 2009 Oscars

We have done it people.

While we did not achieve our FULL goal of an 0-13 Buttonless Oscar ceremony, we did help to keep this never-ending disgrace from winning a single significant award.  All it got were technical awards: FX, Makeup, and Art Direction.   The O.A.B.B.C. would like to heartily thank each and every one of our supporters during these trying weeks leading up to Oscars and trying months since Button was unleashed upon our culture.  We have stood up and said ‘No more sh*t from you, Hollywood!  No more 3 hour slumber parties!  No more Oscar bait plots!’ And the Academy heard us loud and clear.
So where do we go from here?  Let’s move forward (unlike our nemesis, Mr. Button, who moves only backwards).  I guess we could protest the DVD release…  But then again, maybe we have greater work ahead of us.  Stay tuned.



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