About The O.A.B.B.C.

This Official Anti-Benjamin Button Club is a ragtag group of the liberal elite who are all shocked and horrified that they wasted three hours of their precious time watching one of the most pretentious, hackneyed and blatant attempts to win an Oscar ever made.
New Members Welcome!

Contact us at: nobenjaminbutton (at) gmail.com.


16 responses to “About The O.A.B.B.C.

  1. Nicole

    That was really funny. Do you publish any other blogs?

  2. debbie

    I hated this movie and regret that I spent any time watching it. Time that I will not get back. It really is the worst films I have seen since The Majestic.

    • David S. Bunin

      I rather enjoyed “The Majestic”, just as I enjoyed “Benjamin Button”. You may feel I have terrible taste in movies, but what if I do?

      No one forced you to see those movies, and if you didn’t enjoy them, all you did was spend a little time doing something you didn’t particularly enjoy (and by the way, why sit through the whole thing if you didn’t like it? You could have walked out after 30 minutes if you weren’t enjoying the film.) Everyone who is a moviegoer has been to a film or two that they didn’t like. You’re not that special.

      And why the vendetta against this movie, and why strive to prevent the release of the DVD? Should your disapproval of it mean that no one else should have the chance to see it and decide for themselves?

  3. Praveen

    This movie is terribly boring, extremely overhyped
    and heinously clichéd

  4. Ran

    It’s nominated for HOW many awards ?????????
    I sure hope it doesn’t win just cos Brad (shit) Pitt is in it. He’s hollywoods golden boy but hasn’t done anything worth while in a LONG time.

  5. Skip Jackson

    Thanks for being here. I just need an outlet to bitch about BB. Especially when I saw the # of nominations. It is just so insulting to most anything decent in film. Why won’t this just go away, like “Waterworld?”

  6. Andrew

    Plot twist after mindless plot twist, this self-consciously bloated pic deserves to be denied an Oscar. 13 denials. Then the next day it should be taken out back and shot for it’s ‘look at me I am an Oscar epic movie’ pretense! A Gump redo with a science fiction story gimmick. For shame, Eric Roth!

  7. Mike Zieman

    I like most children and even love a few. There’s even a soft spot for movie and TV kids.
    When the Button old-man/baby bit the dirt, all I could say was thank God.
    Forget “run Forest run”, the new catch frase is die Button baby die.

    What nerve

    What ego

    What lazy crap

    Just toss Brad Pitt in any scene and it’s gold, right…

    No need for and plot advancement or movement of any kind. Just toss in old Brad and we are whisked away to a land of pure joy and also have our souls cleansed, no extra charge.

    I even think Pitt is a good actor when in a movie.

    This was no movie…This was the collective water-boarding of a theater of the damned.

  8. Kim

    The Curious Case of a movie that’s three hours too long. I was bored within the first five minutes and it was all downhill from there.

    Am cheering for a big fat Zero wins at the Oscars tonight.

  9. David G

    On the one hand I’m pleased that BB won no big Os last night; on the other hand, I would have loved to see an iso cam on Brad and David F., maybe with some heart-monitor pick-ups. I mean, I sat through 3 hours of their crap – They Owe Me!!

    Delighted to be part of this great movement against pretense, stupidity, lack of plot, lack of character, wasted time, money and life! Here’s to great, cheap, short movies!

  10. Mel Springer

    Well, my husband and I don’t exactly qualify for this club which apparently requires that we sit through the entire 3 hours of the BButton movie. After viewing the opening scenes, we could barely stand it, but agreed to sit through at least 1 hour out of principle to examine it for any redeeming qualities. We found none, and mutually agreed to shut it down at 49 minutes; it was an awful film.

  11. Flashman

    Good GOD what an awful movie!!! I wanted those three hours of my life BACK after sitting through it, my wife (gratefully) asleep with her head in my lap.Why haven’t I learned? If she can’t make it through 45 minutes it’s inevitably a clunker…. when are you going to start the Official Anti The Soloist website/blog? WOW!!! Talk about another pretentious POS, sheesh! Must admit that watching Jamie Foxx pretend to play the Cello and emote like a schizo homeless person nearly had me wetting my pants I was laughing so hard! Not the effect I think they were going for though 😉

    • David S. Bunin

      Don’t you have anything better to do than to rant about a film you didn’t like? You think the film was pretentious? You are far, far more pretentious than any film ever made! Heaven forbid that anyone release a film before getting YOUR approval!

      I’ll bet there are films out there that you enjoyed that a heck of lot of us hated. So what? If you liked them, good for you. Enjoy them with my blessing! I have better things to do than to try to tell you what to like or not to like.

  12. Flashman

    thanks for this, awesome!

  13. Jenna

    I stumbled on this site while looking for pictures of hummingbirds, but was not disappointed. You guys are hilarious, and gave me a giggle. Thanks for that 😀

  14. Nick

    It was tedious and drawn-out. Good on this website- it was a poor movie.

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