The Aftermath – Button Goes 3-13 at 2009 Oscars

We have done it people.

While we did not achieve our FULL goal of an 0-13 Buttonless Oscar ceremony, we did help to keep this never-ending disgrace from winning a single significant award.  All it got were technical awards: FX, Makeup, and Art Direction.   The O.A.B.B.C. would like to heartily thank each and every one of our supporters during these trying weeks leading up to Oscars and trying months since Button was unleashed upon our culture.  We have stood up and said ‘No more sh*t from you, Hollywood!  No more 3 hour slumber parties!  No more Oscar bait plots!’ And the Academy heard us loud and clear.
So where do we go from here?  Let’s move forward (unlike our nemesis, Mr. Button, who moves only backwards).  I guess we could protest the DVD release…  But then again, maybe we have greater work ahead of us.  Stay tuned.



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9 responses to “The Aftermath – Button Goes 3-13 at 2009 Oscars

  1. I'm Not Giving You My Name

    I’d say we (you) have achieved our objective, no need to “Move forward.” This site’s no longer needed.

  2. Marie

    You do realize that just off the top of my head I could think of 1000 movies that were worse than this one. What an interesting waste of time.

  3. hahahahah!!!!!! this is the most amazing thing ever!

  4. Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

  5. Me

    You are all full of yourselves! Button was a great movie, it just depends on your taste in movies. If you don’t like a movie don’t take your time to make a website about! I hated that movie The Black Dahlia but you don’t see me making a website against it do you?

  6. button hater

    damn! Why wasn’t I apart of this? I hate that film and now i’m being punished with the never ending commercial spots for the DVD. I HATE YOU! This movie made me realize how one note Brad pitt is.

  7. It really was a never ending movie and I hated the sound of it, the sound is boring and the movie is long I am amazed that you made it trough the end of this movie

  8. David S. Bunin

    If you didn’t like the movie, fine. Why the need to rain on the parade of those of us who found it entertaining? How is our enjoyment of it any skin off your nose?

    Only a pitiful, self-hating, mad-at-the-world individual would spend time and resources fighting a freakin’ movie!

  9. Linda

    I have to agree it is an awful movie. I read a review on it – with the comment that – why is the scene with Kate smoking and someone telling her to stop in the movie? Really? That is just boring, ordinary life. And the characters had low morals – i.e. – it’s allright to have an affair, if you love someone – really? I would be sooo pissed, if I had a husband cheating on me – I wouldn’t say – oh that’s okay – you love that person. No, I would think, hmm – I hope that I get a good settlement on the divorce. And was I really supposed to feel sad when characters died? No, I just thought, less characters, oh gooddy, hopefully that means the movie will end (I was sad when Dumbledore died). There was so much useless stuff in the movie. One would almost think, that one of the characters would say, “Oh, I have to use the bathroom” while we the audience watch as one of the characters goes to the bathroom and goes potty (nothing exciting he/she goes to the restroom -just what all of us do). There’s a reason why most movies/tv shows leave out that useless stuff – no one wants to see it.

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