Best Button Bashing From The Comments

On Oscar day, we here at the O.A.B.B.C. thought it would be appropriate to pull a small sampling of the best vitriol from the comments we’ve received here since the site started and create a sort of “Coles Notes Of Button Loathing.”

Kim: I was bored within the first five minutes and it was all downhill from there.  Am cheering for a big fat Zero wins at the Oscars tonight.

Mike: I like most children and even love a few. There’s even a soft spot for movie and TV kids. When the Button old-man/baby bit the dirt, all I could say was thank God.
Forget “run Forest run”, the new catchphrase is die Button baby die… This was no movie…This was the collective water-boarding of a theater of the damned.

Andrew: Plot twist after mindless plot twist, this self-consciously bloated pic deserves to be denied an Oscar. 13 denials. Then the next day it should be taken out back and shot for it’s ‘look at me I am an Oscar epic movie’ pretense!

Heather: If Button wins an Oscar I vow to never watch again! I hated the cheap plot devices of that stupid journal, the daughter and the horrid hospital room, drabble drabble drabble.

Deedee: I hope you eat crow when Button wins the Oscar.

dc: BB is nothing more than good makeup and CGI. Pitt can’t act for peanuts, and the story is boring as hell.

Debbie: I hated this movie and regret that I spent any time watching it. Time that I will not get back. It really is the worst films I have seen since The Majestic.

Kuljeet: I don’t like Brad Pitt as an old man – I did not need to see that. He looks like a bald tiny David Letterman in the top picture. I think they should have casted an actor who isn’t a pretty boy – I like Pitt with guns and his top off. I think this movie says alot about life but it doesn’t work with Brad.

Casey: Benjamin Button ages backwards, but he’s still boring as all hell.

Hummingbirdh8tr: The first time I ever wanted to punch a leathery baby was when I saw this movie!

Ran: It’s nominated for HOW many awards ????????? I sure hope it doesn’t win just cos Brad Pitt is in it. He’s hollywoods golden boy but hasn’t done anything worth while in a LONG time.

Cheers to all of you for sharing your disgust with Mister Button and keep the brave words coming…  See you tonight at 5pm PT / 8pm ET!


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