Uber-TV Critic John Doyle Joins Button-Loathing Brigade!

How bad is The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buton?  So bad that it’s making professional newspaper writers cleverly sidestep their beat JUST SO THEY CAN BASH BUTTON! John Doyle is a legendary and strongly opinionated Canadian TV critic who writes a great column in The Globe And Mail. Under the headline “Why TV Is Better Than Movies,” Doyle is able to dole out some serious lashes at our least favourite movie of all-time:

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an insultingly inane movie. It’s an empty-headed cinematic contrivance. Fella is born old and dies young. Lots of soft lighting and mushy moments of sentimentality. By heavens, it drags. I imagine the core is supposed to be when Cate Blanchett’s Daisy and Brad Pitt’s Benjamin Button are of the right age to fall in love. That’s about 10 minutes of substance. The rest is a convoluted movie in love with itself and its tricks. It delivers only one emotional truth: For a while, we are in our prime as human beings, and before and after that, life is disappointing. Big deal.”

John Doyle, congratulations – you are now officially inducted into the O.A.B.B.C. Hall of Fame.  Bless you and your vivid encapsulation of this utter waste of celluloid.


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