Can The Associated Press See The Future? Keep Your Fingers Crossed…


David Germain of the Associated Press wrote an article this week discussing Button’s chances for a historically awful performance, something the O.A.B.B.C. is quite excited about.  Not only are we happy to hear that it might lose every category it’s nominated for, but we also learned some interesting facts about the making of the world’s worst movie.  For example:

The producers of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” toiled for 18 years on their strange romantic epic, so simply bringing it to the screen — let alone grabbing a leading 13 Academy Awards nominations — was a victory.

Winning any of those Oscars come Sunday night is another challenge.

18 years?  For this?  Really? What did the producers do in a past life that has left them working on a film like Button for 18 years, only to have their ‘dream’ turn into a molasses covered turd of a movie?  Or perhaps they didn’t do anything in a past life – they may well be simply horrible film producers:

Even if it wins some of its other categories, losing out on best picture would put “Benjamin Button” producer Kathleen Kennedy in the Oscar record books. It would be Kennedy’s sixth loss, tying her with Stanley Kramer for most best-picture nominations without a win.

Frank Marshall, Kennedy’s producing partner on “Benjamin Button,” would move into second place, going zero-for-five on best picture.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful justice if the first and second place ‘biggest losers’ in Oscar history for Best Picture nominations were BOTH responsible for Button?  The prospect that has us most excited, though, is this:

If “Benjamin Button” wound up being shut out, it would become the biggest loser ever, surpassing the zero-for-11 record by 1977’s “The Turning Point” and 1985’s “The Color Purple.” In 2002, “Gangs of New York” went zero-for-10.

Thank you, David Germain, for sharing this exciting vision with the rest of the world.


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  1. I’m not one to bother with a reply to a post but that was excellent!

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