The First Rule Of Button Club…


…is that you HAVE to talk about Button Club.

What we HAVEN’T talked much about yet is David Fincher, the director of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.  He’s directed some phenomenal movies, including Seven and Fight Club.  (He also directed Zodiac, but we don’t really consider that ‘phenomenal.’)  In fact, we would go so far to say that it appears Mr. Fincher is pulling a Button himself.  Let us explain…

Usually directors mature with time and experience, moving from popcorn movies up to serious fare not purely designed for mass consumption and box office returns.  Fincher has done the exact opposite.  Fight Club, also starring Brad Pitt, is so subversive, original, and well executed that it’s become iconic and revered. Button, on the other hand, is a boring, tedious, Oscar-trolling rip-off.  So many questions:

  • How could the guy who made movies featuring soap made from human lard and a severed head in a box make the most sacchrine, interminable maudlin fail-film in recent memory?
  • How could ‘Fincher and Tyler Durden’ become ‘Fincher and Old, Leathery Baby?’
  • How could Fincher make audiences want to decapitate an old baby and mail the severed noggin in a box back to Fincher?
  • How could Fincher make audiences want to see Old Man Button join a Fight Club just for the cheap thrill out witnessing his wrinkly old arse getting beaten to a pulp?

There is only one answer..

David Fincher’s director mind is reverse aging!

He’s getting worse, not learning and becoming better!  He’s UNLEARNING everything that made him a genius! He’s Buttonifying!  (We fully expect him to make an announcement that his next project will be a Lindsay Lohan thriller or a Miley Cyrus romantic comedy. ) Why, David Fincher?  Whyyyyyy????  Return to your former glory!  Fight the Buttoning of your mind!



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  1. Gabby

    I think it is a great film! We would you spend time making a website like this?!

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