Film Critic Ben Lyons Grilled About His Absurd ‘Button Loving’

O.A.B.B.C Hall of Famer, Defamer, continues it’s bashing of Mr. Button by posting this link to a Ben-Lyons bashing blog:

Lyons appeared this weekend on Fox’s late-night hope, Talkshow with Spike Feresten, and the host immediately started grilling Lyons about his Button love, reiterating that the movie was far too similar to Forrest Gump.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Apart from this terrific video clip, the REAL excitement is the introduction of another new Button-Bashing champion –   The author of this brilliant blog gives the much-maligned At The Movies host the same treatment that this blog gives to Benjamin Button.  It roasts him.  And seeing as Mr. Lyons has stupifyingly named The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button as his favourite film of 2008, is right on board with pointing out what a completely ridiculous Best of ’08 selection Lyons has made.

Invoking the finite wisdom of the Academy is always a decisive debating strategy when defending a movie. “It got, like, 13 Oscar nominations. And it totally deserved them! I mean, NO movie has EVER been nominated for an Oscar unless it was, like, totally AWESOME!”

Our personal blog highlight is his suggestion that our site add a ‘Pro-Button Critical Hall of Shame‘ list, outing all the half-wits who gave the movie a solid review.  Check out his links and give this prolific loather of TWO Bens (Lyons and Button) a read.


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