I Look Just Like Benjamin Button!

This is me posing as I see Benjamin Button – in my head.




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7 responses to “I Look Just Like Benjamin Button!

  1. Spot on.

    The drool is especially authentic in it’s “oldness.”

  2. Is that Bouillabaisse? Yum!

  3. who cares

    Who cares??? Just mind your business…….guess we have the jealousy of $$$$
    Do u think CDN shows are better????

  4. jordankawchuk

    Dear “who cares,”

    Did you mean, am I jealous of PEOPLE with money? Then, yes. Yes I am. Who isn’t?

    But in regards to your question, “am I jealous of $$$$,” I must say that I am not. Money is often dirty, dusty, crinkled, and just sits there. Much like Benjamin Button.

    We encourage and value your comments – as we say in the O.A.B.B.C. office – never button up, folks!

    – The staff

    p.s. Button is not real, nor a private person. He’s a character for mass consumption and (like you say) money making. Asking us to “mind our own business” is like asking Hollywood to mind it’s own and not release films and ads in my paper.

    p.p.s. Robocop is not real either

  5. Jay

    Have you been working out?

  6. What’s that suppose to be in your mouth? Is this one of your Vegas pics?

  7. Other John

    You know who else you two look like?
    Judge Harry Stone.

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