Button’s Buttons: Help Spread The Word!

Dearest Button Loathing Community,

As this site continues to pick up more and more steam, we are now asking for your help to grow the movement to the next level.  Here’s how you can do your part to make sure that The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button never wins an Oscar.

Simply right-click on the image of your choice and choose “save as”.  It will download the JPEG file to your computer.  Then put it up on your Facebook profile as a posted item, put it on your blog, or pull a “Wrestler” by printing it out and stapling it to your forehead.

Make Button’s Buttons spread around the world!

Thank you for your continued support!






And of course, don’t forget to show us your Button’s Buttons – if you put it up somewhere, leave the link in the comments!



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4 responses to “Button’s Buttons: Help Spread The Word!

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  2. Darepraitty

    Hi, cool site, good writing 😉

  3. Mara

    If you don’t like it’s ok, i can respect that…but don’t prevent it for an oscar.. the actors worked hard so they don’t really deserve that.

  4. If you don’t like the movie so much why are you still talking about it? There are people who actually watched the whole movie and understood what it was about.

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