Top Sequel Ideas For Benjamin Button

  1. 3 Men And An Old Baby
  2. Grumpy Old Babies
  3. The Old Baby And The Sea
  4. Driving Miss Button
  5. On Button Pond
  6. Looking Who’s Talking And Looks Like They’re 85
  7. Leathery Baby Mama
  8. Rosemary’s Elderly Baby
  9. Old At Heart
  10. Button 2: Electric Boogaloo
  11. Million Dollar Wrinkly Baby
  12. No Country For Old Babies


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3 responses to “Top Sequel Ideas For Benjamin Button

  1. More :

    Old Park : Genetically engineered old men are put on display on an island. Jeff Goldblum saves the movie from direct-to-video status. Also, he’s old.

    Catch Me If You Can..Oh, You Can’t? : The story of an old man who is running, albeit very slowly, from the law. Tom hanks appears in as a CG version of himself….but much older.

  2. debbie

    I swear to god, we must know each other.

    “Button II: The Search for Plot”

  3. Debbie,
    We may not know each other, but a mysterious power has brought us all together here to loathe Button communally. Do not question this wonderful gift. Just accept that we are all here for a reason. Welcome and bless you.

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