Prominent Movie Critic Agrees – Button’s A Turd

Ace Canadian film critic, Brian D. Johnson from Maclean’s magazine published his thoughts on the Oscar nominations today and the O.A.B.B.C. couldn’t be more pleased.

“The main event comes down to a David and Goliath clash between two fables: Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, the Little Movie that Could, and David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a big tedious Hollywood epic about the magic of make-up in which Brad Pitt is reborn as a wizened old man. Benjamin Button, which plods through the decades with the folksy fakery of Forrest Gump, strikes me as the worst movie to make waves this awards season. I found it interminable. But it topped the list of films recognized by the Academy with a total of 13 nominations. Why? Well, the Academy has always adored sweeping epics that use history as a backdrop for fables about the triumph of the human spirit. Or something. And it also likes movies that keep all the motion picture crafts well employed. BB is not just a period epic with lots of elaborate sets, costumes and make-up. It’s about sets, costumes and make-up. Especially make-up.”

Bam! Pow! Zap!  Johnson NAILS everything that’s wrong with this epic turd.  And if you think we’ve all found a champion in our campaign, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Get a load of this:

“And if Brad Pitt wins for Button, I’ll shoot myself.”

Read the rest here…

Brian D. Johnson: you are the O.A.B.B.C.’s new hero.


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