O.A.B.B.C. In The Toronto Star



Thanks also to Justin Beach & Denis McGrath for spreading the word!



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2 responses to “O.A.B.B.C. In The Toronto Star

  1. Garfield

    The depth of your sentiments is also echoed by Brian D. Johnson on Maclean’s blog, assessing the Oscar race for Best Actor:

    “(Rourke) may win. But I would vote for Penn, whose acting is virtually invisible in what amounts to a seamless 180-degree transformation of his macho personality into a gay politician. Frank Langella may also have a shot for his lovely turn in Frost/Nixon. Richard Jenkins (The Visitor) is the nice guy who will finish last. And if Brad Pitt wins for Button, I’ll shoot myself.”

  2. Brian D. Johnson is a wise, wise man. And I will follow his lead if Pitt wins…

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