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3 responses to “Gold From

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed B. Button as a wonderful, facinating story which was the most entertaining flick of the year. Yes, it was longer than some, but I did not find it one bit tedious. I especially liked the music. With the stiff Oscars competition, I doubt Button will win many awards, but I would vote for most of its nominations! While I found “Slumdog Millionaire” superb, the musical bollywood add-on at the end seemed superfluous though maybe it sold tickets in India.

  2. Kay

    Meh, Slumdog Millionaire is really mediocre. The novel is much better

  3. Benjamin Button had no heart. The characters were empty and unsympathetic. Button showed no chutzpah at all until he went to India…but kudos to you for coming on here and defending the movie.

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