A Haiku For Benjamin Button


a haiku for benjamin button

old man you are small
time passes hummingbirds fly
why why three hours



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10 responses to “A Haiku For Benjamin Button

  1. Kristin

    What is the name of this hummingbird??

  2. sam hurg

    you guys are seriously SAD


    5 syllables
    7 syllables
    5 syllables (YOURS IS 4)

  4. yea, what kind of humming bird is that?

  5. bobby

    why would anyone ever create this club? pathetic.

  6. Lily

    ummmm the haiku was meaningless

  7. Saint Dane

    What kind of no-life teases of a movie just for fun? What kind of no-life can get a HAIKU wrong?

  8. amy

    Is this your image of the hummingbird. I am an artist and need a picture of a hummingbird and wanted to know if you have this in a high resolution so I could possibly purchase it from you to use in my art. CURIOUS IF YOU COULD EMAIL ME DIRECT THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!


  9. chris

    haha more people care about the hummingbird than what this stupid website stands for!

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