There Are More Of Us…

Check out these Facebook groups that bring together Loathers Of The Button…

Benjamin Button Ruined My Life

People That Hate The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button Non-Fan Club

Benjamin Button: Three Hour Ad For Zoloft

Benjamin Button Took Three Hours Of My Life That I’ll Never Get Back

And by popular request:

Sic Semper Benjamin Button

Divided we will fall, but united we will ruin the chances for Oscar wins.  Join us, good people!  Join us in our uplifting and meaningful cause!


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One response to “There Are More Of Us…

  1. please please, add my group Sic Semper Benjamin Button to worthy causes. i don’t feel its any better than these, but in the wake of RECENT OSCAR-RELATED EVENTS, i feel like we need NUMBERS AND A PLAN.

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