A Day That Will Live In Infamy


Worst day of my life.

Woke up to read this headline:

Benjamin Button leads all movies with 13 Oscar nominations

In disbelief, went to another news source to read this:

‘Benjamin Button’ Tops Oscar Nominations

And then:

Benjamin Button leads race to the Oscars

Is this some sort of cruel joke? Is there ANOTHER Benjamin Button that is in theatres – one that isn’t 3 hours, filled with hummingbirds, horrible accents, and maudlin sentimentality? Is there another Benjamin Button that isn’t a ridiculous story about someone who ages in reverse and yet never becomes a scientific marvel or covered in the media?

Best picture?  Best actor?  Best director?  Best Adapted Screenplay?  Best Art Direction? Best Cinematography?  Best Art Design? Best Editing?  Best Makeup?  Best Score? Whaaaaaa??????

What about BEST HOODWINKING OF AN ENTIRE MOVIEGOING NATION!?!?  And not a single Razzie nomination?

I feel like I have woken up in an alternate universe.  A BIZARRO universe where Button is an artistic wonder.  My life has turned upside down.  I’m starting to question everything I once held true.

I’ve made a bold and important decision as a result of this disturbing, disturbing news…

I’m going to through another three hours of my life into the toilet and re-watch Benjamin Button this weekend.

I will try to maintain an open mind. I will attempt to see if “I” am the problem and not Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt, or David Fincher.  Pray for me…



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2 responses to “A Day That Will Live In Infamy

  1. Bush lost. The bad vibes are behind us. This is the age of Obama. Hummingbirds & bad accents are going to be hot. Get with the beat!

  2. Artur

    haha suck it =)

    (no really… i respect your opinion though i loved the movie)

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