An Open Letter To Benjamin Button

Dear Mr. Button,

I can’t sleep, and I think it’s because of you.

I just can’t seem to get you off my mind.

Your skin…your accent…your dial tone of a facial expression.

I think about how I’m not a fighter, but I can probably beat up babies and old people…and guess what – you’re both! How do you like that. It would be like taking candy from an old baby. Hard candy – the kind old people like.

I also must admit that I did cry at the end of your movie. Guilty as charged. But it was only because I was pouring a box of salt in my eyes while watching your life story.

Anyhoo…talk tomorrow???




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One response to “An Open Letter To Benjamin Button

  1. Also–when Daisy was allegedly 56 and Button returned for one last young/old roll in the hay (you know, when he met her in the dance studio)–why did it seem she was actually 76? At 56 people don’t hobble and have old-lady voices. Was Daisy aging REALLY fast while Button was de-aging?

    And you know how her daughter is looking at pictures of when she was a dancer and says to her mom, ‘you never told me you were a dancer?’ Um, wasn’t that the daughter in the dance studio? Was her daughter just too dumb to realize her mom taught dance but never actually danced??

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